About Us

Market position:
CADECO is the leading and most sought after provider of Organisational Development services in Malawi and is increasingly getting recognition in Africa and beyond

CADECO is major influencer of its stakeholders (organisations and donors) on organisational consciousness and the need for holistic organisational improvement.

CADECO is made up of a team of highly motivated, skilled, competent and experienced staff and associates.

The Story of CADECO

Ever since we began our organization development (OD) practice in 1999, we were faced with two key problems. The first was how to communicate the mostly ‘Western’ language of OD to our people who are mostly illiterate. The second was how to make the conventional OD language more inspiring, humorous and give it ability to connect with people (a wider and even a global audience) at a deeper and more meaningful level.

The breakthrough came one evening in 2002. After a long and difficult day of doing community development work in a rural area, we decided to go into a shop for some refreshments. In the shop we bought a copy of an edition of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Focus on Africa Magazine. The magazine contained an advert of their then newly published book, “The Wisdom of Africa”. It is a collection of proverbs from several African countries. We immediately ordered the book.

Using the theory of OD, our own experience and some of the proverbs in the book, we produced the first training material for our rural clients which we later turned into our first published paper entitled, “Using African Proverbs in Organizational Capacity Building”. The paper was an immediate success and little did we know that this paper was going to be the fountain of a long journey from the rural village in Malawi to the ends of the world. To date we have managed to author and publish six indigenous wisdom based Organization Development books which have come to characterize our very essence and CADECO’s unique contribution to the theory and practice of OD. We are the first and leading indigenous wisdom based Organization Development writers in the world and journey continues!

Bringing African Indigenous Wisdom To Organisational Development