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Understanding Organizational Sustainability through African Proverbs: Insights for Leaders and Facilitators

Dear friends, supporters and colleagues.

It is amazing how fast time flies. It is unbelievable that we are already in the last month of 2013. It has been quite a marathon. The highlights for us in 2013 include: the major impact assessment we conducted for Finmark Trust (FMT) – an assignment that took us to seven countries in the SADC region: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia in addition to the scope of work being regional and global in scope.

Another highlight was the Organizational Assessments for partners of the Norwegian Organization, Atlas Alliance, which took us to Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, Lesotho and Malawi.

 If there is one lesson we have learnt this year, it is that a truly sustainable development in the developing world can only be led by the people in the developing world themselves, the sympathizer cannot mourn more than the bereaved; and also that the local people leading development can only get this responsibility by first acquiring the needed world class qualifications, skills and experiences contextualized to their local needs...

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In the months of January through March 2014, Dr Chiku Malunga will be visiting Ghana, Uganda and Kenya on consultancy and book promotion tours. Contact us for more details.

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